Jul 20, 2016

Criminal Law: Search & Seizure

R. v. Paterson, 2015 BCCA 205 (CanLII)
Mr. Paterson was convicted of nine offences: two counts of possession of illicit drugs, three counts of possession of illicit drugs for the purpose of trafficking and four counts of unlawful possession of firearms. He was sentenced to four-and-a half years. At trial, a Charter voir dire was held to address Mr. Paterson’s objection to the admission of the evidence seized by police as a result of their entry into and search of his apartment. The trial judge dismissed the application to exclude evidence.  On appeal, the C.A. found no reason to interfere with the findings of the trial judge, and dismissed the appeal. 'The motion for an extension of time to serve and file the application for leave to appeal is granted.  The application for leave to appeal...is granted.'
Note: These brief summaries were originally prepared for Supreme Advocacy LLP’s weekly newsletter which covers Supreme Court of Canada appeals and leaves to appeal.