Dec 13, 2018

Law is a serious business, as shown in this recent (and very real) case of Standing v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations), 2018 BCSC 1499.

A plaintiff named Standing tried to petition the court to protect the Sasquatch, alleging that British Columbia failed to respect its duty towards this species likely at risk. By not recognizing the Sasquatch, he claimed, BC infringed his freedom of thought, treated him cruelly and unusually, and discriminated against him. Probably thinking that being tasked with presiding over such a procedure amounted to similar violations on his own rights, Ball J. found he had no leg to stand on. It might not have helped that his attorney was a Hunter. Fortunately, counsel for the defendant had a Goodwin... Their articling student. The plaintiff lacking standing, his claim was struck out and dismissed.

Everything is meaningless. Nothing matters. Burn it, burn it all.