May 15, 2014

The first case to cite a law blog for legal analysis in Canada

C.K.B.M. v. G.M., 2013 BCSC 836 (CanLII)
As far as we can determine, John-Paul Boyd, through one of his posts on The Stream, was the first person in Canada to have his law blog cited by a superior court. The Honourable Mr. Justice Melnick in C.K.B.M. v. G.M., 2013 BCSC 836, cites and relies heavily on JP Boyd’s reformulation of the Joyce and Horn models for joint custody under the Divorce Act and for parental responsibilities under the new Family Law Act. It stands as an example of how a well-respected author using a neutral blogging platform can deliver citable authority especially where there is a paucity of commentary from traditional sources.
Sarah Sutherland commented
Thank you for pointing that out Nate! It is an interesting development for acceptance of the seriousness of blogging legal commentary.